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    Added a patchfile against SDL-1.2.7 to let Stella see input devices · b05178d5
    stephena authored
    by actual name, instead of by driver name.  This is required for
    automatic Stelladaptor detection.  Also added a README explaining
    how to rebuild the SDL source to include this patch (required by GPL).
    Since Linux, Mac, and other SDL variants work out of the box wrt
    input device naming, I consider this an SDL/Windows bug, and this
    patchfile is a workaround.  Hopefully, future versions of SDL will
    incorporate the patch.
    git-svn-id: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/stella/code/trunk@319 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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