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Last minute update to docs before the 6.2.1 release.

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......@@ -4290,7 +4290,17 @@ Ms Pac-Man (Stella extended codes):
<p>Stella will require a restart for changes to this file to take effect.</p>
<p>The buttons at the bottom of the dialog work as follows:
<li><b>Defaults</b>: Reset the properties to those built into Stella.</li>
<li><b>Save</b>: Save the properties for the <i>currently selected ROM only</i>
to a properties file in the users default save directory.</li>
<li><b>OK</b>: Merge/commit any changes into the ROM properties database, which
contains info on all ROMs.</li>
<li><b>Cancel</b>: Revert any changes in the dialog, and cancel the operation.</li>
<p>Note that for any changes made here, Stella will require a restart for the
changes to take effect.</p>
<h2><b><a name="Palette">Palette Support</a></b></h2>
......@@ -19,6 +19,6 @@
#define STELLA_VERSION "6.2.1"
#define STELLA_BUILD "6039"
#define STELLA_BUILD "6041"
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