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Updated the documentation with a few last-minute changes.

That's it.  I'm off to make source and binary images for Linux and Windows.
If there are any more bugs (and I'm sure there are :), they'll be fixed in
Stella 1.4.1.

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......@@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ For all ports:
* Add a debugger to Stella for game developers or create an external
debugger to be used by Stella and z26 (and add hooks into Stella for it)
* Further optimize the software mode, especially on Win32. The software
renderer in Linux takes 4% CPU (it's actually faster than OpenGL); the same
code on a faster computer running Windows XP takes 60-70%! I knew SDL
wasn't as optimized for Windows, but I didn't think it was that bad ...
For the Windows GUI frontend (StellaX)
......@@ -222,7 +222,8 @@
are actively maintained. That means simultaneous (and hopefully
more frequent) releases.</li>
<li>A new Windows port has been created, with the GUI based on StellaX.
This is the first new release for Windows since Stella 1.2.</li>
This is the first new release for Windows since Stella 1.2.
(software mode is not yet optimized; OpenGL mode works much better)</li>
<li>A new Mac OSX port has been created by Mark Grebe. This is the first new
release for Mac OSX since Stella 1.2.</li>
<li>Added OpenGL rendering support.</li>
......@@ -356,7 +357,6 @@
<li>Mac OSX 10.1 or Above </li>
<li>500 MHz highly recommended </li>
<li>Joysticks or gamepads are highly recommended </li>
......@@ -406,14 +406,14 @@
<li><b>Source RPM</b> (stella-<i>release</i>-1.src.rpm)</li>
<li>Rebuild the archive with the following command:
<pre> rpmbuild --rebuild stella-<i>release</i>.src.rpm</pre></li>
<pre> rpmbuild --rebuild stella-<i>release</i>-1.src.rpm</pre></li>
<li>Follow the instructions under <i>Binary RPM</i> to install
the stella-<i>release</i>.ix86.rpm file</li>
the stella-<i>release</i>-1.ix86.rpm file</li>
<li><b>Binary RPM</b> (stella-<i>release</i>-1.ix86.rpm)</li>
<li>Install the binary RPM with the following command:
<pre> rpm -Uvh stella-<i>release</i>.ix86.rpm</pre></li>
<pre> rpm -Uvh stella-<i>release</i>-1.ix86.rpm</pre></li>
......@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@
<p>Most of the options of the Macintosh version are selectable by using
the menus, or the Cmd keys associated with the menu entries.&nbsp;
Note, most of the non-remappable keys are different for the Mac version
than those listed in section 6. Keyboard Layout.<br>
than those listed in <b>Section 7 - <a href="#Keyboard">Keyboard Layout</a></b>.
<p>The menu choices/Cmd keys for the Mac version are as follows:<br>
......@@ -943,7 +943,7 @@
<td>Exit emulator (can't be remapped)</td>
<td>Escape (Cmd-Q for Macintosh)</td>
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