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Added a patchfile against SDL-1.2.7 to let Stella see input devices

by actual name, instead of by driver name.  This is required for
automatic Stelladaptor detection.  Also added a README explaining
how to rebuild the SDL source to include this patch (required by GPL).

Since Linux, Mac, and other SDL variants work out of the box wrt
input device naming, I consider this an SDL/Windows bug, and this
patchfile is a workaround.  Hopefully, future versions of SDL will
incorporate the patch.

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Please distribute this file with the SDL runtime environment:
The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) is a cross-platfrom library
designed to make it easy to write multi-media software, such as games and
The Simple DirectMedia Layer library source code is available from:
This library is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license:
The SDL.dll library included in this package has been modified to
automatically work with the Stelladaptor device.
As per the GPL, all modifications to SDL must be provided and documented.
The included patchfile 'SDL_mmjoystick_1.2.7.diff' can be used with (located on the main SDL web page).
To rebuild the SDL.dll file, follow the instructions below:
1) Get the '' package from the main SDL website and
unzip it.
2) Apply the patchfile 'SDL_mmjoystick_1.2.7.diff' to the SDL-1.2.7
directory (under Linux: patch -p0 < SDL_mmjoystick_1.2.7.diff).
3) Build the SDL.dll library from within Visual C++ (you may need the DX5
development files).
1) Credit for the bulk of the patchfile goes to Glenn Maynard.
2) Future versions of SDL will hopefully have this patch integrated.
3) The included SDL.dll file has not been extensively tested. It is
believed to be compatible with the most common input devices,
but support may not be present for buttons on esoteric devices
(hats, sliders, etc). If the included version of SDL.dll doesn't
support your particular input device (and you have no need for
Stelladaptor support), you can use the standard SDL.dll from
the main SDL website.
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