Commit d2f42d26 authored by thrust26's avatar thrust26
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Revert "Fix for suggestion from clang-tidy."

This reverts commit 9bd2f3e4.
parent f3364379
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......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ namespace BSPF
// starting from 'startpos' in the first string
static size_t findIgnoreCase(string_view s1, string_view s2, size_t startpos = 0)
const auto* pos = std::search(s1.cbegin()+startpos, s1.cend(),
auto pos = std::search(s1.cbegin()+startpos, s1.cend(),
s2.cbegin(), s2.cend(), [](char ch1, char ch2) {
return toupper(uInt8(ch1)) == toupper(uInt8(ch2));
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