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......@@ -4433,7 +4433,7 @@
<p>Stella will remember when you change a setting or game property or save a
new high score. It will use saved data the next time you start the emulator.
The data is stored in a SQLite database which can be edited outside of
The data is stored in an SQLite database which can be edited outside of
Stella (e.g. with
<a href="">DB Browser for SQLite</a>).</p>
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ WhatsNewDialog::WhatsNewDialog(OSystem& osystem, DialogContainer& parent,
add(ypos, "added option to search subdirectories in launcher");
add(ypos, "added tooltips to many UI items");
add(ypos, "added sound to Time Machine playback");
add(ypos, "increased sample size for CDFJ+");
add(ypos, "moved settings, properties etc. to an SQLite database");
add(ypos, ELLIPSIS + " (for a complete list see 'docs/Changes.txt')");
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