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      Updated Thumb ARM emulation to log its output instead of printing to the · 5025a21d
      stephena authored
      console (which doesn't exist on every platform).  Also use proper C++
      stringstreams instead of C-style arrays (which are evil).  If an exception
      is thrown, start the debugger with a fatal error message.  Currently, this
      message is simply printed in the debugger info window.  Still TODO is add
      a dialog to show the entire input from within the UI, as well as a way
      to exit the ROM when a fatal error occurs.
      Cleaned up the API a little, adding explicit declarations for when a method
      can throw an exception.  Also merged some empty classes directly into their
      header files.
      Added functionality to the System class for querying whether it has 
      been reset while in 'autodetect' mode.  Autodect mode is defined as
      when Stella starts and temporarily runs to autoconfigure itself.
      Some classes (such as Thumb ARM emulation) need to know this, and
      suppress debugging output/throwing exceptions when not running in
      normal emulation mode.
      I hope to have a new release done by the end of this week, or the end
      of the month at the latest.
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      Cleaned up some inlines that weren't needed. · 4e6d4cb1
      stephena authored
      Updated documentation with info about 2600-daptor, including
      usage and its creator.  Also included more in-depth explanation
      for the various controller types.
      Errors from the Thumb ARM emulation code are now caught as exceptions,
      and thrown to the parent class instead of calling exit() and simply
      crashing Stella.  For now, the messages are simply printed and
      emulation continues.  This will be expanded to show a detailed crash
      log in the debugger, and offer the option to exit the ROM.
      Removed most of the menus from the OSX port.  They weren't being
      maintained anyway, and most of them didn't work.  I've modelled this
      on the way other cross-platform OSX programs work (notably, ScummVM).
      Basically, there are menus for exit and help, but otherwise you
      should use the menuing system in the application itself.
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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