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      Refactored various page accessing functionality: · 1d99a1e5
      Stephen Anthony authored
      - Removed System::PAGE_SHIFT from all classes (except where it's needed inside System); it is an implementation detail of that class that shouldn't be used outside the class, and was making the various calls to setPageAccess very messy
      - Changed uInt32 to uInt16, and loop variable to 'addr' for all calls to setPageAccess; this is for consistency, and allows the reader to see how all the code is similar in different classes
      - Updated comments in various places (mostly TIA and RIOT) to more clearly show how page accessing works.
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      Fairly huge refactoring of the cart autodetection code. · 9972af02
      Stephen Anthony authored
      This has been in patch form for about a year, and I'm finally
      getting around to applying it.  Basically, we separate the Cart
      class into 3 classes:
        - Cart: stuff specific to cartridge emulation
        - BSTypes: various bankswitch types, both as enum and strings
        - CartDetector: actual bankswitch auto-detection code
      Also made more use of smart pointers, and added const in a few
      more places.
      I promise to get back to the phosphor stuff soon.  This is just
      to clear my head a little.
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      More work on Chetiry bankswitch scheme. Preliminary version can · 01c9bc30
      stephena authored
      now load and play test ROMs, complete with emulation of timing delays
      due to slow accesses on real Harmony hardware.  Still TODO is the tunes,
      DPC+ stuff, which is stubbed out at this point.
      Fixed bug in EFSC bankswitching; state files didn't contain extended RAM
      Cleaned up the Serializer API, resulting in slightly faster operation
      and smaller state files.  Because of this, the state file format
      has changed for this release (old state files will no longer work).
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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      Updated all files to copyright 2012. Happy New Year to anyone reading · c95d5f80
      stephena authored
      these logs!
      Moved TODO and Credits info directly to the webpage, where it will hopefully
      be easier to maintain.
      Fixed 'crackling' sound when loading a new ROM, introduced with the 3.5
      sound restructuring.  It looks like stale data was being loaded by the
      sound processing callback.  As well, moved the computation of certain
      division variables from the sound callback to the framerate re-calculator
      (where it's recomputed 1/5 of the time or less).
      Updated AboutDialog with info about Stella DonationWare status, and active
      members of Stella development.
      Updated OSX in-app HTML documentation about Stella DonationWare status.
      Bumped version # to 3.5.1_svn, and the process starts again.
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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      The emulation core now tracks access to DATA areas (currently, any address · 5624d30d
      stephena authored
      used as a peek operand).  Still TODO is deal with poke areas, which would
      be relevant in carts with extended RAM.
      The interaction between the internal tracking and Distella is now much
      tighter, in that knowledge gained by Distella is used in the core code,
      and vice versa.  This allows the best of both worlds, where the internal
      tracking finds stuff at runtime (that couldn't be found in a static
      analysis), and Distella tracks potential paths (that haven't occurred at
      runtime yet).
      Added 'type' debugger prompt command, which basically queries an address
      for its disassembly type (CODE/GFX/DATA, etc).
      Added debugger commands to query the last address used in an operation
      for various registers, but they're only stubs at the moment.
      Updated the bankswitch schemes to deal with accesses in and around the
      hotspot areas.  Previously, peek accesses in these areas weren't being
      recorded as DATA areas.
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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      Greatly improved the disassembler output, but having Stella keep track of · 5fe91e28
      stephena authored
      addresses used as part of code execution (ie, from the PC) during emulation.
      This gives Distella much more information than can be determined from a
      static analysis alone, resulting in an extremely accurate disassembly.
      This also allows to generate very accurate debugger .cfg files.
      Not all carts have been ported to this new scheme yet, particularly ones
      having extended RAM that can be mapped out dynamically.
      Note that this new scheme doubles the amount of RAM used for storing ROM
      images, so up to 128KB extra will be used.  There's also a small runtime
      check for each instruction executed.  Preliminary testing doesn't show
      any slowdowns, but we'll see how it goes.
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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      Several big improvements to the debugger: · d007c350
      stephena authored
      The disassembler now accepts a range of start addresses and remembers
      old entry points, so the disassembly becomes more complete each time
      the debugger is used.
      Changes to address offsets within the same bank are now supported
      (ie, changing from $fxxx to $dxxx within the same bank properly
      updates the display).
      Re-added ability to manually change banks from the debugger prompt
      and the disassembly UI.  This now works correctly with the Distella
      Cleanup of the Cartridge::bank(...) API: if a bank cannot be changed,
      the calling code will now know about it.  This fixes confusion with
      some ROMs, whereby changing a bank in the debugger prompt would print
      a success message even if the operation failed.
      Note that these changes have broken rewind in the debugger.  Actually,
      it only exposes problems that the rewind functionality already had :)
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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      Fixed a *REALLY* annoying bug in Windows with the latest code. It seems that... · 32aa9d31
      stephena authored
      Fixed a *REALLY* annoying bug in Windows with the latest code.  It seems that System::PAGE_xxx enumerations were already defined elsewhere in a Windows header file.  This was very irritating to track down.  As a result, they're now named System::PA_xxx (for 'PageAccess').
      The file selector in Windows now ignores all items starting with '.', not just the directories '.' and '..'.  This is most apparent when using the Windows port and browing Linux shares, which shows many dot files.
      git-svn-id: svn:// 8b62c5a3-ac7e-4cc8-8f21-d9a121418aba
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