Stella for RetroN 77

Atari 2600 VCS emulator

Release 6.3

Quick Navigation Guide

Stella for RetroN 77 can be controlled via the console buttons or a joystick in the left or right port. The resulting actions are depending on the current mode and are described below.

During Emulation

The joysticks work normal and all console buttons as labeled except of the following.

Joystick Button Action
Button 4 4:3,16:9 Open the command dialog
Button 5 FRY Return to launcher
Button 6 - Open settings
Button 7 - Rewind game
Button 8 MODE Select
Button 9 RESET Reset

In the Launcher

Joystick Button Action
Up SAVE Previous game
Down RESET Next game
Left LOAD Page up
Right MODE Page down
Button 1 SKILL P1 Start selected game
Button 2 or
hold Button 1
SKILL P2 Open power-on options
Button 4 COLOR, B/W Open settings

In a Dialog

Joystick Button Action
Up SAVE Increase current setting
Down RESET Decrease current setting
Left LOAD Previous dialog element
Right MODE Next dialog element
Button 1 SKILL P1 Select element
Button 2 SKILL P2 OK
Button 3 or
Button 1 + Left
4:3,16:9 Previous tab
Button 4 or
Button 1 + Right
FRY Next settings
Button 6 - Cancel

Note: If you have a keyboard attached via OTG, all keys work as described in the Stella User's Guide.