Commit 1fc09663 authored by Rafael Kitover's avatar Rafael Kitover
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minor code cleanup

Change one instance of a dummy local variable to a C++11 temporary via
parent f069f0c0
......@@ -840,8 +840,7 @@ bool opt_set(const wxString& name, const wxString& val)
auto parts = str_split(name, wxT("/"));
if (parts[0] != wxT("Keyboard")) {
const cmditem parts_1 = { parts[1] };
cmditem* cmd = std::lower_bound(&cmdtab[0], &cmdtab[ncmds], parts_1, cmditem_lt);
cmditem* cmd = std::lower_bound(&cmdtab[0], &cmdtab[ncmds], cmditem{parts[1]}, cmditem_lt);
if (cmd == &cmdtab[ncmds] || wxStrcmp(parts[1], cmd->cmd))
return false;
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