Commit 437b366e authored by Rafael Kitover's avatar Rafael Kitover
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clean up wxgtk3 finding cmake code

Use a loop to check for wx-config-gtk4 then wx-config-gtk3 and unset the
config executable variable otherwise.

Also remove gl from the initial wx libraries list.
parent 2efcb620
......@@ -73,19 +73,21 @@ SET(wxWidgets_USE_UNICODE ON)
# adv is for wxAboutBox
# xml, html is for xrc
# do not include gl at first
set(wxWidgets_USE_LIBS xrc xml html adv net core base gl)
set(wxWidgets_USE_LIBS xrc xml html adv net core base)
#list(APPEND wxWidgets_CONFIG_OPTIONS --version=2.8)
# check for gtk4 then gtk3 packages first, some dists like arch rename the
# wx-config utility for these packages
set(wxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE wx-config-gtk4)
find_package(wxWidgets QUIET)
if(NOT wxWidgets_FOUND)
set(wxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE wx-config-gtk3)
foreach(gtk_ver 4 3)
set(wxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE wx-config-gtk${gtk_ver})
find_package(wxWidgets QUIET)
if(NOT wxWidgets_FOUND)
if(NOT wxWidgets_FOUND)
# the gl lib may not be available, and if it looks like it is we still have to
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