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      Edit sdlStateName, fixing SDL states on a Mac · dfaf44ee
      Andy Chase authored
      Previously this function returned true for `if(saveDir)` when `saveDir` was simply a zero length string following a branch that returned `/<savepath>` which doesn't work when the user isn't a root user.
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      more minor improvements for OS X build · 3d679c14
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Add Homebrew and MacPorts paths for findings headers and libraries.
      Add -x objective-c++ to the C++ compile command so that conditionally
      compiled ObjectiveC code for OS X can be supported.
      Throw a fatal error if the user tries to enable ENABLE_ASM_CORE,
      ENABLE_ASM_SCALERS or ENABLE_MMX on AMD64, as this is not supported yet.
      If ENABLE_ASM_SCALERS is enabled, try to find a Homebrew or MacPorts
      nasm before using the outdated XCode nasm.
      For the future, if the user has only the old XCode nasm which does not
      support 64 bit objects and the build is 64 bit, throw a fatal error.
      For 32 bit builds with the old XCode nasm, use -f macho instead of -f
      macho32, which is used if the version of nasm is > 2.0 .
      Pass -DMACHO instead of -DELF and, on AMD64 (for the future) -D__AMD64__
      for nasm on OS X.
      Pass -D__AMD64__ to C++ compilation as well on AMD64, this will help
      when we support AMD64 inline assembly.
      Add support for automatically linking Homebrew keg-only gettext from
      /usr/local/opt/gettext for ENABLE_NLS.
      Fix copying Info.plist and vbam.icns to the .app bundle.
      Add a key to the Info.plist to support sharp text on retina displays, as
      Set wxWidgets_USE_DEBUG to ON if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is "Debug". I'm not
      sure this does anything or if I'm doing this correctly though.
      Also set wxWidgets_USE_UNICODE to ON. Again, I'm not sure this does
      anything or is in the right place.
      Fix a bug in the config dir finding code in
      wxvbamApp::GetConfigurationPath() updated in 8b8f2f7a to only use the
      more top level dirs if there is a vbam.ini in them, not if they are
      writable as well, and use the reverse order (starting with user local
      dirs) to check for writable dirs and their writable parents. This fixes
      a problem with the vbam.ini being written to the Plugins directory of
      the .app bundle if it's writable instead of ~/Library/Application
      Support/vbam as was intended.
  14. 09 Nov, 2015 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #8 from rkitover/master · c3574c54
      DoctorWho11 authored
      fix configuration directory on OSX
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      fix configuration directory on OSX · 8b8f2f7a
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Write vbam.ini to ~/Library/Application Support/vbam on OSX.
      Do not create ~/.vbam on OSX in common/ConfigManager.cpp .
      Make get_config_path and wxvbamApp::GetConfigurationPath return
      directories with a writable parent in reverse search order when no
      writable directories in the current search order are available since the
      directory is created in OnInit.
      This prefers to create the user-local directory and write the vbam.ini
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