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  1. 17 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Rafael Kitover's avatar
      fix Mac OS 10.13 build issues · 430b5d63
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Compile out the min/max functions in GBALink.cpp when compiling with
      clang, clang does not like them because of some sort of changes in the
      Run the mac builder script with homebrew bash, system bash does not work
      and dash no longer works.
      TODO: fix dash compat
  2. 24 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      add multi-platform build system · 66980934
      Rafael Kitover authored
      under `tools/` add some scripts to invoke the build system to build all
      deps for vbam and vbam itself:
      - `tools/linux/builder`
      This builds a mostly static linux binary with a few dynamic deps for
      xorg and wayland. Using gtk3. This will run on just about any dist.
      - `tools/osx/builder`
      Builds a static mac app targetting 10.7.
      - `tools/win/linux-cross-builder`
      Builds a static windows binary using the mingw-w64 toolchain.
      - `tools/win/msys2-builder`
      Builds a static windows binary in the MSYS2 environment, this may be
      suffering from a few regressions.
      Change some cmake code to support the build system, refactor a few
      things in it.
  3. 22 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      mac build/builder improvements · 42045025
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Improve, refactor and clean up `tools/osx/builder` to build a relatively
      full-featured ffmpeg as well. This requires lots of other dists. It's
      kind of like a mini port system now. Will generalize it shortly to a
      sourced library for using with both the mac and the mingw builds. Will
      hopefully become a separate repo on github at some point.
      Add perl dist support to the builder.
      Add an `--env` flag to the builder to print the build environment
      variables so that they can be read in with `eval` for debugging
      Also add the `FFMPEG_STATIC` cmake option to link static ffmpeg
      libraries correctly.
      Move the codesigning and zipping of the `.app` bundle to the builder
      script and out of cmake, as this is something most users don't need.
  4. 12 Oct, 2017 3 commits
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      automate codesign/zip for mac build, add xz dep · afb1cd3d
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Add POST_BUILD commands on Mac to codesign the `.app` and make a zip
      file from it.
      Also add xz/liblzma dist to `tools/osx/builder` because something
      apparently wants liblzma.
    • Rafael Kitover's avatar
      mac builder refactor/improvements · 5e633984
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Refactor the code in `tools/osx/builder` somewhat and make it cleaner.
      Move a few table processing loops into functions to make things less
      Delete dists not listed in the table (e.g. when they are updated) and
      when a dist is re-downloaded, delete the tree and the target file to
      force a rebuild.
      Use number version for gettext instead of `-latest`.
      Specify full dist target, e.g. `lib/libfoo.a` instead of just
    • Rafael Kitover's avatar
      add mac release builder script · d7ff2afb
      Rafael Kitover authored
      Add `tools/osx/builder`, a POSIX sh script to build all dependant
      libraries as static, targetted to OS X 10.7, and build the project with
      them (also targetted to OS X 10.7.)
      ffmpeg currently does not link, as recording functionality is currently
      non-functional anyway, this will be fixed later.
      - set WORKING_DIRECTORY and ERROR_QUIET for all git commands, for the
        cases when the build directory is not under the git checkout
      - #include <cerrno> in ConfigManager.cpp as it uses errno
      - change `build*` in `.gitignore` to `build/*` so that files starting
        with "build" are not affected