Commit 6f36728e authored by Rinnegatamante's avatar Rinnegatamante
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Starting proper executable depending on core.

parent 8d30d81e
......@@ -128,7 +128,13 @@ void GLimp_Init( qboolean coreContext)
inited = 1;
cur_width = glConfig.vidWidth;
}else if (glConfig.vidWidth != cur_width){ // Changed resolution in game, restarting the game
sceAppMgrLoadExec("app0:/urbanterror.bin", NULL, NULL);
#elif defined(OPENARENA)
sceAppMgrLoadExec("app0:/openarena.bin", NULL, NULL);
sceAppMgrLoadExec("app0:/eboot.bin", NULL, NULL);
int i;
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