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[ImgBot] optimizes images

m4xw requested to merge github/fork/ImgBotApp/imgbot into master

Created by: ImgBotApp

Hi! I'm ImgBot. Nice to meet you.

I noticed there were a bunch of images living in your project that weren't totally optimized so I thought I'd make you a PR ;) I use a lossless compression algorithm from ImageMagick so all the images are the same quality and dimensions as before only they take up less space now.

Image processing is tough work, I know, but I never get tired and I never rest - not until all the images on GitHub are totally optimized.

*Total -- 6,521.39kb -> 5,248.69kb (19.52%)

/branding/retroarch_bg.png -- 3,259.45kb -> 2,620.36kb (19.61%) /branding/retroarch_libretro_bg.png -- 3,261.95kb -> 2,628.33kb (19.42%)

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