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GLUI icon fixes

m4xw requested to merge github/fork/jdgleaver/glui-fix into master

Created by: jdgleaver

This PR makes the following changes to MaterialUI's assets:

  • The colour of all transparent pixels has been changed to white (this excludes the mouse cursor image, which is a special case that requires 'dark' transparent pixels). At present, most of the icons have black transparent pixels, leading to unsightly borders around all transparent edges due to pixel interpolation when scaling textures - for example:

Screenshot_2020-03-26_15-21-10 Screenshot_2020-03-26_15-21-17

...with this PR, the icons now look as follows:

Screenshot_2020-03-26_15-21-24 Screenshot_2020-03-26_15-21-30

  • The white level of all icons has been changed from #F1F1F1 to #FFFFFF (I believe this was an oversight when the images were first sourced - they need to be full white for proper colourisation)

  • All unused/unreferenced PNG images have been removed (for the sake of easier maintenance)

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