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    * added support for Master System compatibility mode (Z80 ports access mode), incl. Mode 5 rendering.
    * added Mode 4 rendering for both Genesis & Master System modes.
    * added alternate BG planes rendering functions (should be faster on PPC architectures).
    * added support for Master System compatibility mode (Z80 ports access mode).
    * added Master System peripherals emulation (Control Pad, Paddle, Sports Pad & Light Phaser).
    * added XE-1AP (analog controller) emulation.
    * added Activator emulation.
    * added support for all known Master System cartridge mappers.
    * added copy-protection hardware emulation for a few MD unlicensed games: fixes 777 Casino (crash when talking to bunny girls).
    (NB: most of those unlicensed games seem to have been already patched by ROM dumpers, main purpose is documenting them)
    * added support for Top Shooter arcade board controller. (A=Shoot, B=Bet, C/RIGHT=Coins, START=Start, hold UP on startup to enter service mode)
    * improved King of Fighters 98 mapper emulation (registers address decoding is now 100% accurate)
    * fixed Game Genie when several codes affect same ROM address.
    * fixed EEPROM types for Brian Lara Cricket & NBA Jam TE (verified on real cartridges)
    * added Master System compatibility mode emulation (automatically enabled when loading ROM file with .sms extension).
    * improved savestate stability & compatibility (support for old 1.4.x savestates is preserved)
    * various code cleanup & comments.
    * fixed cheat codes handling when several codes affect same ROM address.
    * improved input controller detection on menu exit.
    * improved key remapping dialog box to match emulated device
    * changed Menu key for Gamecube controller to allow MODE button mapping
    * fixed DVD not being unmounted on swap (memory leak)
    [Wii only]
    * added USB mouse support for Sega Mouse emulation
    * compiled with latest libogc: improves USB compatibility & fixes stability issues with Wiimotes.
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