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Add support for a second controller and remap keys

Libretro-Admin requested to merge github/fork/escalade/twoplayer into master

Created by: escalade

It looks like the author went inactive, so I took the liberty to merge in his second controller commits:

It was done quickly by hand and I'm not sure if I got it correctly. It does work great for me on the few games I tested though.

Probably best if someone who actually knows what they're doing reviews the code.

The new keymap is as follows:

L2 = show/hide status R2 = UNUSED L = mouse speed down (min 1) R = mouse speed up (max 6) SEL = toggle mouse/joy mode STR = show/hide virtual keyboard (vkbd) A = joystick fire 1/mouse 1/vkbd key pressed B = joystick fire 2/mouse 2 X = UNUSED Y = UNUSED

The "enter GUI" function was removed.

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