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    Add support for macOS (#771) · 7da4550e
    WaluigiWare64 authored
    * use shm_open() instead of memfd_create() on macOS
    malloc.h isn't a header on macOS
    * Change OpenGL headers + create ifdef for DO_PROCLIST
    macOS seems to already have the OpenGL functions defined, without the ifdef, it gives "ambiguous references" errors.
    * macOS doesn't have ->gregs in uc_mcontext
    and it doesn't have REG_RIP either
    * use getpid() to make memory file name unique
    * #ifndef __APPLE__ for AF_PACKET and linux/if_packet.h
    * Add include and link directories for macOS and link the OpenGL framework
    * Add macOS CI
    * Use newly added libslirp package from Homebrew
    * Use Apple's Clang instead of GNU GCC on macOS
    * Add macOS build instructions to README
    * Try to fix macOS undefined symbol
    * snprintf doesn't take null terminator into account
    * Map new memory on macOS for JIT
    * Only use gcc-ar if using GNU Compiler
    * re-add fastmem code - whoops!
    * Fix style issue - use camelCase not snake_case
    * Set Minimum macOS version
    * Switch Minimum OS X version to 10.9
    * Add macOS libpcap library name
    * fix memory leak
    * Fix binding keys in macOS
    * Allow getting MAC address on macOS
    melonDS on Linux uses AF_PACKET, which doesn't exist on macOS. Instead, this commit uses AF_LINK on macOS to get the MAC address.
    * Remove unneeded macOS CI dependencies
    * Build melonDS app bundle on macOS
    Now it is no longer required to install the libraries on macOS, they come with the app bundle.
    * fix macOS CI not being able to find macdeployqt
    * copy melonDS.app with recursive because it's a folder
    * Disable fastmem checkbox on macOS
    * Disable fastmem by default in config
    * forgot a semicolon
    * Don't bundle libraries, causes issues on macOS <10.15
    * Update README + allow finding version in Finder on macOS
    * Make sure fastmem checkbox stays uncheckable
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