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    clarify PicoDrive's license · cff531af
    notaz authored
    - PicoDrive was originally released by fDave with simple
      "free for non-commercial use / For commercial use, separate licencing
      terms must be obtained" license and I kept it in my releases.
    - in 2011, fDave re-released his code (same that I used as base
      many years ago) dual licensed with GPLv2 and MAME licenses:
    Based on the above I now proclaim that the whole source code is licensed
    under the MAME license as more elaborate form of "for non-commercial use".
    If that raises any doubt, I announce that all my modifications (which
    is the vast majority of code by now) is licensed under the MAME license,
    as it reads in COPYING file in this commit.
    This does not affect ym2612.c/sn76496.c that were MAME licensed already
    from the beginning.
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