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  • libretro-v2.9.0.1
    Changes to libretro core from libretro-v2.8.0.3:
    - add automatic libretro Playlist Generator from ScummVM GUI game list
    - add retroarch playlist path retrieving
    - add retroarch system dir to scummvm extra paths
    - refactor and improve audio run loop
  • libretro-v2.8.0.3
    Changes to libretro core from libretro-v2.8.0.2:
    - add retropad mapping settings
    - add mouse fine control speed reduction setting
    - add retropad exclusive cursor control setting
    - add dynamically displayed settings
    - rework default paths initialization
    - add wii build
    - add emscripten build
    - add ps3 build
    - misc fixes/improvements
  • libretro-v2.8.0.2
    Changes to libretro core from libretro-v2.8.0.1:
    - group core settings per category
    - add timing settings group
    - add auto performance tuner
    - add frameskip options
    - add sample rate setting
    - add framerate cap setting
    - add framerate reduction setting
    - add auto setup for extra/theme folders
    - add osd_notification
    - add PSVita build
    - sync libretro-common and libretro-deps
    - fix close content from quick menu
    - fix core reset feature
    - improve debug logging
    - remove need to restart to enable settings
    - rework core timing
    - rework audio buffer
    - migrate core options to v2
    - improve engines selection script
  • libretro-v2.8.0.1
    Libretro core merged to upstream.
    Changes from legacy libretro core (based on ScummVM 2.1.1):
    - massive cleanup/fix/refactor/improvement of makefiles and build scripts
    - fix wiiu build
    - fix 3ds build and add 'highres' engines
    - add win32 support
    - add support for mouse relative movement (e.g. Myst 3)
    - add cloud feature support (system shared libcurl needed)
    - add support to select system shared dependencies at build time
    - add core reset function
    - add games preliminary checks before being loaded in ScummVM
    - fix crash for games/scummvm files not recognized in ScummVM
    - add italian translation
    - increase gamepad cursor speed reduction while pushing R2
    - added virtual keyboard feature
    - added D-pad cursor acceleration time setting