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    mac build/builder improvements · 42045025
    Rafael Kitover authored
    Improve, refactor and clean up `tools/osx/builder` to build a relatively
    full-featured ffmpeg as well. This requires lots of other dists. It's
    kind of like a mini port system now. Will generalize it shortly to a
    sourced library for using with both the mac and the mingw builds. Will
    hopefully become a separate repo on github at some point.
    Add perl dist support to the builder.
    Add an `--env` flag to the builder to print the build environment
    variables so that they can be read in with `eval` for debugging
    Also add the `FFMPEG_STATIC` cmake option to link static ffmpeg
    libraries correctly.
    Move the codesigning and zipping of the `.app` bundle to the builder
    script and out of cmake, as this is something most users don't need.
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